Oliver Lohmann


An Rx-Enabled WPF AutoComplete TextBox - Part 1/2

In this blog post we will focus on the Rx aspects of developing an autocomplete feature. In the next blog post we are going to work on a re-usable WPF auto-complete TextBox that uses Rx under the covers. Some months ago I delivered a Workshop on Reactive Extensions (Rx). If you never heard about Rx, you should read this first. One little exercise I did with the workshop attendees was to develop a basic auto-complete TextBox that would query an online dictionary service and the results would be shown in the UI.

A Simple SelectAll Behavior for TextBoxes

Not exactly a brand new topic in the area of WPF development are attached behaviors. However, in my opinion, they should be used more often - that’s why I decided to write about it. Let us start from the beginning. What is an attached behavior? From a high level perspective attached behaviors allow you to write a snippet of code that can add additional features to a WPF control without doing something that drastic as inheriting from an existing control class.

Attended the SAP InnoJam in Madrid

Together with five colleagues I had the opportunity to attend the SAP InnoJam in Madrid as a Microsoft technical expert for developing Windows Store applications. You might ask yourself: What is the SAP InnoJam and where is the connection to Windows store apps? Let me quickly introduce the InnoJam concept and then let’s discover the connection to Windows 8 apps. The #InnoJam (more background here) is a prequel session to SAP’s TechEd and provides the possibility for attendees to work in teams (~8 members each) on innovative ideas around various scenarios.

More Windows 8 Events in Germany

As promised here is an update on the events for Windows 8 Metro app development in Germany. The team around Oliver Scheffert has put up an MSDN site that explains the process how to get your app in the Windows store before the final version of Windows is released. What a great opportunity for all app developers out there! Imagine having one of the first apps in the store... The development events are vast: introduction events, more in-depth events and even Hackathons.

CeBIT 2012 and Windows 8

A colleague from the Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) division invited me to one of their Windows 8 developer sessions at the CeBIT 2012. There, all the developers and IT professionals in the audience received a 2 hour overview about Windows 8, metro style design and metro app development. In addition to the talks DPE held a Q&A session which was very interesting to follow. I took two observations from my visit: